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National AfterSchool Association (NAA): Prevent the Dire Consequences of Eliminating Federal Afterschool Funding


PREVENT THE DIRE CONSEQUENCES OF ELIMINATING FEDERAL AFTERSCHOOL FUNDING The recent news about President Trump’s “skinny budget”, proposing the elimination of 21st Century Learning Center funding is heartbreaking and has dire consequences. Cutting out 21st CCLC funding not only affects young people, their families, and our future, but also would take away an estimated 100,000 jobs […]

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National AfterSchool Association (NAA): Ways to Join the Effort to Participate in Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

WAYS TO JOIN THE EFFORT TO PARTICIPATE IN AFTERSCHOOL PROFESSIONALS APPRECIATION WEEK Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week is a time, each April, when we recognize and appreciate those who work with youth during out-of-school hours. It is a joint effort including community partners, afterschool programs, youth and child care workers, families and individuals. The week is […]

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Math has a bad rap in the U.S.—an attitude reflected in the country’s test scores. How can afterschool help? Extending math learning beyond the school day not only helps young minds develop proficiency, but enables them to engage in deep learning and comprehension. Consider these tips for providing successful afterschool math enrichment in your program.

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