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The 2017 Expanded Learning Symposium


On February 23rd, 2017, The 2017 Expanded Learning Symposium will be held at UC Berkeley.  With the tagline “Creating Opportunities that Matter,” this Symposium will present various conferences for the purpose of making effecting learning opportunities for students via expanded learning forums and more.  The Symposium will focus on building a community for expanded learning programs […]

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Make Your Program Better


Want to improve your after school program?  There may be one area that is easily overlooked.  Using the tools listed from the state’s quality standards for expanded learning can not only help improve the quality of your program, but also make a big difference for your students.  Read in the link below how using state […]

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Talking About STEM with Schools and Families


STEM: Science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  It is becoming one of the most important and popular fields to get into and interest in STEM fields has begun to shine in students from a very young age.  However, as educators, there may be some difficulty in communicating the possibilities that a child has in a STEM […]

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Cal ECUC Olympic Day Recap


On July 7th, 2016, students of the ECUC program gathered together to participate in the first annual Cal Olympic Day. Some of the activities featured were a soccer tournament, a robotics competition, and a Capoeira performance! Here are some highlights from the soccer tournament! St. Paul forward scores goal against St. Elizabeth St. Cornelius and […]

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